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Small Successes

Last night I found myself back at Target (at the request of my younger daughter) and with the help of the friendly staff was able to acquire the tub crayons….oh, I mean shower whiteboard writing implements. Now I’ll be able to remember all the cool things I think of when I’m getting ready in the morning. I guess the only thing left to do if figure out if my mobile phone has a recording device so that I can remember stuff that I hear on the radio when I’m driving. I swear I never fail to get straight green lights when I’m driving and need to write something down.

“A League of Their Own” was on was on after dinner and I tuned in during the part where Tom Hanks staggers into the locker room and commences to peeing in front of his team. Now, I’ve noticed in Tom’s movies that he has a tendency to be filmed doing this and I wondered if anyone else had picked up on it too. Thankfully I don’t have to concurrently watch for Tom peeing while I’m reviewing Meryl movies. Someone has already handled this pressing question. Please proceed to to take the quiz on Tom and his whiz.

Kids say the darndest things and if you listen carefully as you walk through the world, some of what they say is pretty darned funny too. While I was checking out at Target last night, my daughter went to get a beverage at the snack area. She chose a grape icey which she was happily sipping on as we were walking towards the exit. There were two little girls standing with their mother who was paying for her purchases when the older of the two pointed at us and trilled “Oh Cool! They’re going to the movies!!!” My mind spun as I tried to figure out what it was in our aspects that would have lead to this conclusion when my eye caught the bright blue beverage in my daughter’s hand. Apparently Icey = Movies in one little person’s mind. I laughed all the way to the car.


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