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As It Turns Out, I Am Invisible

It is a typical weekend in the Mid-Atlantic which means I am dressed in my weekend attire of jeans and a tee-shirt. When the weather is cool (as it is now), I generally wear a hoodie or some sort of sporty jacket to stay warm while running any errands I need to do during the weekend.  Unless I am called upon to attend a wedding or funeral, I go sans make-up as well.

My weekend persona suits me. It’s easy and it’s kind of nice feeling like I’m invisible. I move about the outside world barely noticed and therefore mostly unimpeded as I dash from place to place.

Little did I know that I would become truly undetectable until the unfortunate incident at the credit union today (yes, it’s my favorite place for an altercation amongst the indigenous populace).

My husband and I had driven “into town” to do some banking. His business took him into the branch while I stood in the queue at the ATM. I waited behind a tall man while the woman at the machine completed about fifty transactions. A couple of old ladies came out of the branch and got in line behind the fellow behind me. He was standing quite a bit back from me and they confirmed with him that he was in line. Hubby came out of the branch to ask me a question and I was searching in my purse for the information he needed when one of the old bats….um, I mean older ladies informed me that the line was behind her. I told her that I had been standing in my spot in line the whole time. Apparently she noticed my husband come out of the branch, but had not become aware of me until he came over to talk to me.

She continued to insist that I had not been standing in line and pursued the point when she asked the embarrassed young man in front of her if I had indeed been there all along. He quietly told her that I had. She still went on grousing that she hadn’t seen me there. Luckily the machine freed up and I was able to walk up and do my banking. As I stood there punching away at keys and selecting menu items I heard her tell someone else that the end of the line was behind her.

Apparently the poor dear had the heart of a law enforcement agent, but alas, had never had the opportunity to pursue her dream vocation.

I finished my business and went on with the rest of our tasks without an apology from my accuser. If anything, the old woman seemed even more miffed as we left the parking lot as if I’d pulled off some cunning sleight of hand and gotten the better of her.

Perhaps if I go out tomorrow I’ll put on a little blush and lip gloss so I don’t unpleasantly surprise anyone else with my presence.


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One thought on “As It Turns Out, I Am Invisible

  1. Shelva J. Angle on said:

    I admire your self restraint . Your Mama would have decked the old troll.

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