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My daughter and some members of the staff at her school were honored for the success of a program they have put in place to help older students mentor younger students who are having difficulty adjusting to middle school. A few months back I was asked by the teacher who heads up the program to write a letter praising the school’s effort and how my daughter has benefited from it. It was a last minute message that I slapped together, but I was sincere about what I wrote and the program truly did help her.

Life went on. I didn’t think anything more about the possible award for the program; only that my child was enjoying school. Then last week I got an e-mail letting me know that the awards ceremony was on the 18th and could we make it.

Long story short, the program was honored in the middle school mental health category of the program and when the announcer was reading a recap of the program, she quoted part of my letter. I cried. It was one of the most satisfying (and certainly the most public) responses to my writing that I’ve ever experienced. “You like me! You really like me!” ~Sally Field

I guess this is one of those win/win situations. Regardless of what it is, I will savor it.


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