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A Trip To Cambridge, MD

I was feeling a bit restless as the weekend and proposed a trip to Cambridge. My lovely friend Jacque said that one of our company’s suppliers said that he had fabulous luck finding sea glass down there and I was in the mood to hunt some up so I dragged my lovely husband to the truck and off we went to the Chesapeake Bay region.

We visited several public parks which were lovely, and I did have a varying degree of luck finding some sanded shards as we made our way around the waters edge. There was one park in particular that was loaded with glass, many of them with perfectly sanded edges and obviously older. My husband found three pieces of blue glass which was a coup indeed. I was only a tiny bit jealous since I’ve never found a blue piece and I’m the collector in the family.

There was another beach that had glass everywhere, but unfortunately all of it was sharp. It’s a pity too, because there were also some old pieces mixed in with the new. I picked up a large bag of it anyway because I wanted to throw it where it would get polished down to smoothness; a sea glass relocation program if you will.

After we’d enjoyed the beaches, we headed over to the Hyatt where we had some coffee and tea and walked around the manicured grounds and enjoyed the lovely views. After lunching in town, we decided to head back home. I still had the bag of sharp glass that I hadn’t found a place to toss so we stopped by Sandy Point State Park. After hitting the restrooms we wandered down to the water’s edge and I flung the glass pieces as far out as I could (I hope I didn’t inadvertently ruin someone’s beach day later on in the season by putting out something that will cut their feet), then started looking amongst the debris on the shore to see if I could find anything interesting. I was very surprised to have good luck finding glass there as well.

Below are pictures of my finds. I’ve taken close-ups of some of the pieces to show the details on the glass.

Sea Glass found in Cambridge, MD


Glass Detail "Forbid" - Must be Poison

15 O or Q? Looks Old

Depression Era Green? Maybe a Plate?

Taco Bell??? Probably Not

Big Cobalt Blue Shard - Probably Milk of Magnesia

Sandy Point Finds - Smaller & Newer

Pottery Shard - Dash PA?


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2 thoughts on “A Trip To Cambridge, MD

  1. Taylor on said:

    I’m going to Cambridge tomorrow, and what were some of the beaches you found the most sea glass? Thank you!

    • Really sorry I didn’t see this before you left. If you just look around especially near the boat rental shack you should be able to find some nice pieces. I hope you had a fabulous time. It’s a wonderful property.

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