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Gratuitous Puppy Dog Pics

We got to see our friend Linda over Christmas (missed her last year) and got to talking about our dog family, so here are some gratuitous K-9 pictures just for Linda!

Cookie - Very Interested in Food-Snacks

 Cookie is obviously some sort of mix but we’ve gotten different opinions as to exactly what kind of mut she is. The overcrowded pound where we got her advertised her as a Rottweiler mix. The vet says that she’s more likely a doberman mix. A law enforcement official guessed German Shepherd. We’ve also gotten a lot of Labrador guesses. My youngest will swear up and down that she’s a Hovawart and another cousin said she looks like a Gordon Setter.

We don’t know what she is and don’t care. She’s adapted well in our home and is a great family dog.

Can I Has the Tug?!

I Gots it! I Gots it!

Cookie Portrait

Megan's Dog Stella - Relentless Playmate of Cookie

 After Cookie’s extended stay in the pound, it took her a while to warm up to people and other dogs. Stella strives for everyone (people and other dogs) to like her and would not leave Cookie alone until she would be her friend. It’s remarkable how much Stella has taught Cookie about playing and simply being a dog. Until Stella showed her the way, Cookie didn’t know what to do with a rawhide bone. Now they are chewed with great enthusiasm and vigor.

Having Stella visit is a little like having a bull in a china shop, but we love her in spite of her rambuctious ways.


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One thought on “Gratuitous Puppy Dog Pics

  1. Thanks, Paula! And what a great photo of her!


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