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Hey! You Triggered My Chocolate Jones!!!

I was going along just fine for a Monday and not stressing about anything. PMS is weeks away. I was comfortable in the knowledge that if any poop hit the fan, I had a back-up piece of dark chocolate (from Germany no less!) tucked away in my drawer to help me stay on top of any impending disasters/emergencies/fires.

Everything was fine until you walked in with your sad face and sleepy eyes. You were worried that your lack of caffeine would catch up with you as the afternoon wore on.

Want It!

Before I realized what I was doing, I’d taken pity on you and reached into my desk and handed you my only piece of mental salvation; my emotional shock absorber; balm to my nerves.

What was I thinking???

Need It!

The minute you were gone, I regretted my generosity (though I know you would have done the same for me). What if an emergency had come up? How would I handle my angst without chocolate?

My mind reeled and the minutes ticked by. I felt exposed and unprotected without that comforting treat standing by to make things all better. I started to think who else in the office had chocolate in case I had my own personal emergency. As I checked each source, I came up empty. Now I absolutely needed a fix!

Gotta Have It!

It finally occurred to me that I could score some Rolos, but only if I dared to stick my head in the president’s office. My desperation made me bold. So bold in fact, that I took two.

As I walked away slowly savoring the sweetness, I acknowledged that all of my discomfort was totally self inflicted.

I’m still stopping on the way home to stock up for the rest of the week.

Give It To Me Now!


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One thought on “Hey! You Triggered My Chocolate Jones!!!

  1. Hi Paula! I got behind on reading your blog, so this evening I remembered to check it and I started from where I left off the last time and made my way up to the first one and there were all those chocolate pictures!!! (Me the Number 1 chocoholic – sorry, but I am.) Thankfully, there are some Hershey nugget things (with pieces of almonds and toffee) in the freezer. They’re even more awesome frozen! Anyway, I continue to LOVE your writings, Paula! Take care and hope to see you soon! 🙂

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