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Hannah’s Follow-up Surgery – Getting the Plates Out of Her Legs

Whoo-hoo! Hannah had her follow-up surgery on Friday to get the plates taken out of her legs. We’re hoping she’s done with surgery for a very, very, very long time (forever works for me).

I went back to the recovery area to see her once I got the go-ahead. She was still asleep. The anesthesiologist came by and said she’d be asleep for another hour, but with all the ruckus  going on with the other patients, alarms and traffic, she was awakened a lot sooner.

Actually, it took less than an hour to get her up, dressed and out. Our surgeon, Dr. Conway, was very surprised to find Hannah in a chair rather than a bed when she came by to follow-up.  She walked in while I was helping Hannah to get dressed. She did let us keep Hannah’s hardware. Here are some shots from the day of surgery:

Still Waking Up - Half Dressed, Dozing Off & Stil Hooked Up To Tubes

Vitals Are Good!

It’s pretty cool that we got to keepHannah’s hardware.

Titanium 8-Plates & Screws from Hannah's Bones

The only thing we need to figure out now is how to make jewelry out of it. The screws and plates represent two years of Hannah healing, plus the titanium is sort of pretty. I’ll let you know if we come up with anything!


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One thought on “Hannah’s Follow-up Surgery – Getting the Plates Out of Her Legs

  1. Alexa on said:

    I had to catch up with your blog again! So glad Hannah got through it all well, and hope you guys are having a great summer! Hugs!

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