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Touring Savannah, GA

Okay, ever since I saw Forrest Gump sitting on the bench telling his life story to complete strangers I’ve wanted to visit Savannah, GA. Yeah, that seems like a weird reason to want to visit a place but when I see something interesting on T.V. or a movie, I like to try to find ways to experience that stuff myself. I think I’m going to have to save my pennies if I want to do “Eat, Pray, Love.”

So Savannah is about 2 1/2 hours south of Charleston which isn’t a terrible drive. It did get a little desolate in between the two historic towns though. I guess few people want to live between the two destinations. We did find a little store that sold jams and ciders out in the middle of nowhere. We were extra happy find this little shop as our morning beverages had worked their way through our systems and we needed a pee break. I bought some preserves and a bottle of peach cider while we were there.

I also picked up some of this:

Spanish Moss

…which I let the girls handle, then I put it on the floor of our car and didn’t think anymore about it.

We took the bus tour around the city in order to make the most of our time in Savannah and one of the first things our driver pointed out was the Spanish moss. She told us not to carry any of it home with us as it was the home of mites which would bite us. Good to know except those mites were probably making themselves at home in my floor mats while we were riding around the city. Oh well. It won’t be my first itchy encounter and certainly not my last. We’ve got plenty of mosquitos here in Maryland.

Here is the first location we hopped off of the trolly to see:

City Market

Samantha made a new friend:

Cart Horse

We wandered around the market and then widened our foot tour to the blocks around the market. We found some cool stores and took in the charm of the old city as we walked around. We skipped Paula Deen’s place. I just wasn’t up to putting some “South in my Mouth” at Paula’s place. I’m sure she’s a talented cook, but her over the top folksie-ness just rubs me the wrong way.

We hopped back on the trolly and weaved our way around the squares taking in some of the history and the sights around town. It had rained early in the day so it felt like a very dark place with the clouds hanging low and dark over all of those live oaks. Of course the old architecture was charming as was all the ironwork for which the city is known. We rode along taking in all the lovely old homes and neighborhoods with their many churches and public buildings.

After the squares we headed off towards the waterfront and jumped off the trolly in search of lunch. We found the Boar’s Head Grill & Tavern, Est. 1964 – what a good year!

Everything we had to eat was absolutely outstanding. I had my very first fried green tomato (stolen off Sammy’s plate). Delcious! I could eat those a couple times a week.

Since we were on vacation and wanted to make the most of it, we opted for dessert (must keep our strength up for the rest of the tour and the drive back to the condo).

Ice Cream & Chocolate in a Puff Pastry

Luscious Flourless Chocolate Cake! Super Yummy!

Shots on the ride back from the waterfront:

Back to the visitor’s center:

Coming up next…Touring the visitors center.


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