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The Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon – Charleston, SC

It was getting a bit warmish by the time we finished touring Rainbow Row. The Old Exchange Building offered an interesting tour and more importantly air conditioning.

We had some time before the next tour so we wandered around and checked out the public areas.

The girls:

I absolutely loved the dungeon tour. We waited in an outer area of the downstairs and I could not get over the brick columns and ceilings.

The geometry involved in making the graduated columns leading up to the sculpted ceilings made my head spin. Our guide talked to us a little bit about these ceilings before we moved deeper into the dugeon. So apparently the columns were formed using sandbags and the brick was placed over the contours. These rooms were built from the ceiling down.

Think about that – how do you get bricks to stay up on the ceiling while you build down from them. Is your brain hurting yet? Mine was. It was beautiful brickwork though and also very nice and cool down there below street level.

There was a painting in the dungeon that Hannah loved:

I think what she loved about it was the subject’s posture of despair. I think she was wondering what happened to cause such an apparent sense of loss. Her creative mind was in overdrive during our trip and she finished writing three stories while we were on vacation. I was obviously not inspired to write during this trip since it’s been two months since we’ve gotten back.

Better late than never?


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