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Day Trip into Charleston, SC

My sister had her wedding in the Charleston area in May of 2009. The wedding party stayed on Isle of Palms so during our stay we got a taste of how beautiful the area was. We decided to take our family vacation down south this year in order to revisit and rediscover what we saw briefly at my sister’s wedding. I contacted the Charleston department of tourism to get a guidebook to help us navigate our trip. Since tourism is the main industry in Charleston, the book includes several maps of the surrounding area as well as a map for the city.

The big white bridge is a focal point when driving into the city.

Very Cool Bridge

Incidently, this is not the only bridge of this kind. During our tour of Savannah, GA (more on that later) we learned that there are four of these bridges in the south which were designed by a woman architect. The one in Charleston was built first and Savannah built the second one. They are definitely sweeping majestic examples of architecture as art.

Our first stop after we found the parking garage was Waterfront Park. It’s really lovely and blends modern and classic architecture and design.

Kids in the Fountain

The fountain was a really cool feature right where we entered the park. Obviously the little kids were digging running around in the water.

We had stopped for some gelato before we sat down to watch the children in the fountain.

Sammy at Waterfront Park

Hannah at Waterfront Park

Jan & the Girls

Paula & the Girls

Yes, I am the shortest member of my family.

Various shots along our walk at the park:

Next on our tour: Rainbow Row


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