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P’s Hair Raising Thought of the Day!!!

Our hair defines us. It’s how we express who we are to the world. It’s one of the things that others judge us by when we meet for the first time.

I don’t know what made me think of it in the midst of my Monday morning routine, but Albert Einstein came to my mind and I thought:

If any woman from Albert’s time or even present day presented herself and her ideas to the world with her hair in that mad disarray, no one would take her seriously and she might even be committed.

Men are able to get away with a lot more in the hair department than women are. Please note Donald Trump. If a woman tried to pull off that hideous hair swirl she’d be laughed out of the boardroom.

Would you hire Einstein if he came in to apply for a job at your place of work??? You might think twice, right?

I’ve run the gamut with hair styles and colors. I tried in vain to have “wings” a la Farrah back in the 70’s (flop). I bought into perms in the 80’s (ugh, I was like a horrible cross between a poodle and a brillo pad). Finally I came to my senses and gave up my terrible perm habit. Even though I think the straightening craze these days looks strange, it’s much better than crinkle-head.

I used sun-in to lighten my hair each summer once I hit 9th grade. I started to get highlights in my 30s before finally giving up and dying my hair blonde. DIY didn’t work out so well and within a couple of years, I had that striped down towhead with dark roots look. Not pretty.

Sorry Kate! I'm not diggin' your locks!

When I hit the job hunting market after my layoff I decided that dark hair was going to make me a lot more marketable especially since I was mostly doing temp work to get my foot in the door. I was still doing the DIY thing and my first attempt to convert myself into a serious looking woman resulted in a strange auburn color. I eventually went back to the lady I had used to cut and highlight my hair and had her take over making me look presentable.

Mostly what I looked like was a middle aged goth, but I did eventually find full time work.

After a while I just got sick of the maintenance and let the whole thing grow out. My hair seems like it’s somewhat color resistant so I’d only look good for about three weeks before the color started to fade. I knew I wasn’t going to be blonde anymore and was okay with my medium ash brown.

Mine might have had a hint of white

Of course a few years into that, I got sick of being a total brunette so I took myself over to a salon near my office. A girl I knew when I grew up drives a half an hour or more to get her hair highlighted there (she probably passes 40 salons between here and there) so I figured I’d give it a shot. I’ve got to tell you, I’m pretty pleased with the results. My colorist isn’t as conservative with the blonde as my last stylist was and I have a nice, bright look that I think looks very attractive.

If I decide at some point to embrace my inner genius and start to invent fabulous things to benefit mankind, I think I’m going to have to take a page out of Sinead O’Connor’s book and trim it down to fuzz. Fabulous geniuses don’t have a lot of extra time to spend washing, conditioning and blow drying.

She can probably pull off a 5 minute shower with this do

Actually, this one's kinda cute!


Don't Let Bad Hair Happen To You!!!


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