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Weekend At National Harbor

My good goddess friend Cindy had timeshare points she had to use at a Wyndham property so she booked a room at National Harbor and then invited all of her goddess friends to join her. Almost all of us did.

A View from Our Room

After we unloaded our stuff in our very nice three bedroom suite with kitchenette, we made our way to our restaurant of choice, McLoone’s Pier House.

Wasabi Tuna – Lightly seared tuna served with a salad, garlic mashed potatoes & sautéed mixed peppers.

Everyone enjoyed their meals and we were all sharing bites of what we’d ordered.

After a very enjoyable dinner, we walked over to Bobby McKey’s a dueling piano bar place. There were no available seats so we climbed up to the balcony area, got some drinks and mingled with the other standers.

The place draws a young crowd and it got very full. Finally I had to tell my girlfriends that I had run out of personal space and we should probably relocate to a place where we had a little more room to spread out.

We ventured across the street to Harrington’s Pub where we immediately found a table and our personable waiter set us up with many drinks and a few snacks. I have to tell you, I really like fast paced Irish music. It’s sort of uplifting, like I could just get up and start River Dancing with the best of ‘em. Goddess of the Dance? Probably not.

Not long after we got there, the music switched over to dance club mode….and not long after that, the goddesses were out shaking their groove thangs! I’m not sure what the young men in the bar made of us, but we had an awfully fun time.

Luckily when we got back to the room goddess Stephanie had brought her doctor bag of remedies to stave off any ill effects our over indulgence may have caused. We all woke up hangover free, had a very nice bagel breakfast (thanks Teresa) before heading out to check out the Gaylord National Hotel.

What a spectacular place!


Village Inside The Gaylord

The Wilson Bridge To Virginia

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