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Pictures of Fells Point, Baltimore

One of our awesome newcomers in my department at work planned a fun, fun outing for us at Fells Point. We took a walking tour and ate snacks at five different eateries as well as stopping by the historical society and seeing many interesting historical landmarks.

Here are some pictures:

Bond Street Building

We started out at Ze Mean Bean Cafe and had pierogis with adult beverages. I had something called a Tatonka (sp?) which was a sort of cider beverage. It was very tasty as were our appetizers.

Hungry Andy’s has super tasty pit beef sandwiches with a fabulously tangy barbeque horseradish onion sauce. Check it out!

An off-center shot of the Broadway Market (obviously I can’t walk and shoot very well at the same time).

Structural Stars – keeps the brick façade on the buildings from bowing out or falling off.

Festive Red Doors

Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella with caramelized balsamic vinegar


One-Eyed Mike’s – Try the Grand Screwdriver! It’s divine!

Blue Trim

Fell Family Grave Marker


Painted Building Prohibition Sign

As you can see, the people of Baltimore felt very stronging about their alcohol. There was a whole lot of brewing going on in the city back in those days. From what I’ve read, they fed the leftover mash to the pigs. Those must have been some hoppy hogs.

Meg Ryan’s House From “Sleepless In Seattle”

Model Ship Builder

This kind fellow gave us a very detailed talk about clipper ships. I had no idea that the masts were adjustable.

Former Highway Plan – This would have been built through the heart of Fells Point and destroyed its charm. The defeated plan hangs in the restroom thus indicating what the people of Fells Point thought about it.

Bottle Tree

I’d love to, but I’m allergic!!!

This is where we finished up our tour. We had deep fried peanut butter sandwiches which had been dipped in French toast batter and chased them with white Russians! Delish!

Interesting DécorThe fellas liked it!


And Such A Good Deal Too!!!

See Ya Later Hon!!!


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