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Feeding the Pig – Pocket Change Adds Up!

A couple of years ago I bought a ceramic piggy bank at Marshall’s. Actually, I bought three, but I gave two of them to our daughters.

I love my pig. It’s big and beautiful and has become my icon for saving on a small scale. It has become my habit (and my husband’s too) to “Feed the Pig” when we get home from work and change clothes. Every day one or both of us have Pig money in our pockets and we feed our little pet.

The nice thing about having a smaller receptacle for our pocket change is that usually once a month we empty it out and take it to Navy Federal where the magic machine counts it and deposits it into whatever account we tell it to (SAVINGS!!!). Even better, that money starts earning interest right away.

Yeah, I know that savings accounts don’t earn squat these days, but it’s a lot better to have it earn something now rather than waiting years to fill the five gallon water bottle that most people use for their copper & “silver”.

As an added bonus, that coin machine is super fun to dump coins into and doesn’t cost you anything (the ones in the grocery stores charge 10%!!! :-0). You should totally check it out!

Remember: Feed the Pig every day. Dump the Pig once a month. Watch your savings account begin to grow!


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