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Raking Leaves

I guess I was feeling a little nostalgic a couple of nights ago and was looking at old pictures. My girls are big now (12 & 14) and I love who they’ve become, but I also enjoy looking back to the cute little people they were.

This picture tickles me:

Hannah was ready to pitch in to help rake leaves. I’m sure her main goal was to jump in the pile once it was big enough, but I appreciated her at least making the pretense of helping out.

Samantha had no intention of helping and was instead dressed up in her fancy dress and elegant fur-trimmed coat. She was a pistol back in those days (and still is to a certain degree, though her tactics are much more refined now that she’s older).

The dress she’s wearing in the photo was one of her favorites. I think it was a girls size 10 but it was smocked and had ¾ sleeves so she’d wear it around like a granny dress with her black Justin boots. A lot.

I guess it was vastly different from her Montessori uniform, comfortable and super girly (which she was when she was little).

Sisters’ Dialogue:

I’m helping mom & dad rake leaves

Before the ground is covered in snow.

I’m way too cute to do such work,

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go.

 When I’m through I’ll have a pile,

Big enough to jump & dive & roll.

I’m too much of a lady for that,

I think I’ll just take a stroll.


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