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Big Sister, Little Sister – A Poem

Hey Big Sister,

I want to be just like you,

To play what you play,

And do what you do.


I’ll follow your lead,

And match every stride.

Your path is my map,

So don’t try to hide.

Adventures unnumbered,

Will fill our every day.

Take hold of my hand,

And show me the way.

Let me join all your games,

And bask in your brilliance.

Keeping up with you,

Is going to take some resilience!

Don’t leave me behind,

As you continue to grow,

I know I’m a pest,

But I’m your best friend, you know?

Hey Little Sister,

You’re in my space.

Since you were born,

I’ve lost my place.

You follow me ’round,

And copy my style.

You do all of this,

With a self-satisfied smile.

Look kid, I get it,

It’s my coolness you seek,

But you need to back off,

Because I am unique.

I don’t want a shadow.

Don’t be a copy cat.

Just do your own thing, Sis,

And we’ll leave it at that.

Some day you’ll be big.

And this impasse will end.

You’ll stop being annoying,

And become my best friend.


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