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10,000 All-Time Views

That’s pretty darned amazing to me, mostly because I’ve been so on-again off-again with writing posts that I can’t believe I’ve had that many site visits. Now, truth be told, my best friend and my mom are frequent visitors whether I’m writing or not. I’m sure that their visits alone pushed me to this milestone sooner than I would have reached it “organically.”

In order to keep the writing going on this blog, I basically keep track of conversations or funny thoughts I have or day to day experiences and then write about them. Nothing earth shattering is going to come across my blog and my main goal is to entertain myself and others. Occasionally something more serious or somber is on my mind and if I feel that it’s appropriate, I’ll write about that as well.

There are times, I beat myself up over the whole process and I don’t write at all. Months go by and I’ll only post a few blogs. Somehow, I still get traffic on the site and that helps me pull myself up out of my doldrums and get back to the process of writing. As you will note that October 26, 2011 was my busiest day, I was in the midst of a writing drought at the time and cannot account for the jump in traffic.

I have posts I’m really proud of (the one I did on racism is my favorite) and others that I know are pure fluff. There are a few sprinkled in there that I’m a little embarrassed about, but I did the work to post them, so they’re staying. There is only one post I have ever deleted after I published it and it truly was a stinker.

A post I published maybe a year ago about management styles seems to be the one post that consistently draws traffic to my sight. I made some observations based on experiences I’ve had in the workplace, but it was not an in depth polished piece of writing. I’m sure it’s another reason I reached 10,000 hits in the short time that I’ve been writing.

Anyway, I’ve reached a couple of really good milestones (at least for me) in a short amount of time, so I’m just going to keep at it. Hopefully I’ll make some people smile, or laugh, or think about things a little differently. In my own small way, I’d like to make the world a nicer place.

Happy reading & writing!   ~P


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