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Common Scents – Distinctive Perfume

I was out doing some Christmas shopping this past weekend when I encountered a fragrance from my past – Ciara.

Back in high school there was a girl a class behind me who seemed much more worldly than most of us who had been raised in our little encapsulated town. She hadn’t grown up with the rest of us and only came to live in our town because her parents had both been killed in a car accident and she had moved in with her aunt and uncle in the incorporated little Mayberry-esque development that I called home.

We had a few girls in town that seemed much more exotic than the rest of us, mainly because a little Nordic blood stands out in a crowd of Irish and German faces. What set Miss Ciara apart was her attitude. She just seemed like she’d been more places and seen more things than any of us. She had a refinement and confidence that set her apart, even though she wasn’t particularly attractive. (hiss, claw)

While the rest of us were wearing musk or whatever Coty was manufacturing at that time, our interesting new friend (I use the term loosely as there was never any warmth between us) was wearing a warm, spicy delicious scent that sent the rest of us into raptures.

“What is that fabulous scent you are wearing?” we all inquired. Our stylish newbie was happy to share her information – Ciara. As you can imagine, many of us hit our piggy banks and made our way to the mall to buy some of our very own at the sleek and shiny department store perfume counters.

In the following months, the hallways of our school became more and more infused with this spicy new scent. I remember one particular day standing in a girl group with our newest member in attendance when she noticed her signature scent in the air.

“Who’s wearing Ciara? I can smell it on someone.” One of the group finally confessed though in reality, most of us were wearing it by that time.

I assume at some point she switched to a different (but equally sophisticated) perfume, but as I alluded to earlier, we were polite in public, but never close enough to share personal details.

The lesson has not been completely lost on me though and I do enjoy having a signature scent. I remember when I was in between jobs and I stumbled across Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana during one of my many spirit therapy trips to the mall. It smelled amazingly clean and refreshing. I couldn’t wait to find a job so that I could afford to buy some (which I eventually did) and it became my go-to scent.

Women at work started asking me what perfume I was wearing and just like my high school days, I started noticing it around the office. I didn’t begrudge anyone wanting to smell that good, but I did sort of miss being the only one who did.

Years passed and I changed jobs. I still wore Light Blue as my primary scent. I noticed it on someone here, but didn’t think too much about it. Then I read an article about an amazing fragrance by Hermes that was purported to be lovely and specifically, smelled very expensive (which is okay, because it actually is expensive).

Shhh! Don’t Ask, Don’t Smell (of my signature scent).

I thought – this is perfect! It smells really good and isn’t available at department store perfume counters! I got on the internet (as soon as I had a little wiggle room in my budget) and bought a very, very small bottle of it. It was everything the article said and more and no one here wears it.

Well, until my work daughter Missy gets back from her vacation in thePhilippines. I broke down and got her a very, very small bottle for Christmas because she’s a sweet girl and she liked it so much.

I will never learn!


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