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Rhyming Stinkbug Rant

I started writing this back before Thanksgiving and just got around to completing it now. Better late than never.

From cooling climes,

You scurry and race,

To find warmth,

In my office space.

You flit and fly,

You creep and crawl,

Your fetid bodies,

line the hall.

O’er desks and papers,

Chairs and phones,

Your ceaseless travels,

Cause shrieks and moans.

You flutter and crash,

From light to light,

There is no end

To your restless flight.

To slay you invites,

A foul perfume,

Which offends the nose,

And clears the room.

Blessed peace is my desire,

Why won’t you just go away?

Your presence sets my nerves afire,

Don’t come again another day.

I pray for frost to end the scourge,

To bury you in a layer of snow,

The winter brings a quiet relief,

I’ll be very happy to see you go.


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