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The Season of Peace & Compassion

As you may have been reminded of in your local retail store around about Halloween, the Christmas season is upon us.

Hopefully in the midst of all the shopping and preparations we can keep in mind that our compassionate acts matter much more than anything else we might do for the holiday.

I ate a piece of Dove chocolate in between tasks today and the message inside read:

“Do all things with Love.”

Isn’t that a good way to live? It beats hate, anger and ugliness for sure.

It doesn’t even take money (in case you don’t have any extra to spare). All you need to do is be open and aware of other people around you who may be in need of assistance and then you help them. It’s as easy as pie and there are a million little ways to be kind to others that don’t cost a thing. If anything, you feel better for the effort rather than inconvenienced by it.

It feels really good to be a positive force in the lives of people around you.

With the hustle and bustle out in public this time of year, it’s easy enough to get caught up in the stress and become focused only on your own tasks. If you make it a point to think outside of yourself, you will see that you can positively influence the world.

You can become the force that makes a positive change. Your kindness can influence others to adopt a compassionate outlook. Who knows, maybe together we can start a revolution of peace and compassion.

I hope your holiday season is filled with love and joy. I hope that if you find yourself in need, that someone will be there to help you. I hope that you find the compassion within yourself to help others who need you.

Happy Holidays!


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