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More On Lawn Ornaments

Other than Christmas, I’m not much on lawn decorating. Landscaping is fine. I’m not opposed to a trellis or bird bath. It’s the cartoonish & saccharinely cute figures that make me want to gag.

Back in the 80’s lawn sheep were huge in southernPennsylvania. Every time my grandparents would take us out for a drive I’d pretend to have a shotgun and mentally blast each one as we passed by.

Give Her Both Barrels Earl!!!

The heavyset, bent over gardening woman was also very popular in that region. Did it start out as a joke on one set of neighbors (thinking it was the actual resident rather than a painted cutout) and then catch on like wildfire???

For some reason Gazing Balls became vogue in the D.C. area in the 90’s. The Washington Post even did a story about it. I remember the radio ad because I could not believe something that I had thought was so clunky (lone Christmas Ball perched on a pedestal) could become fashionable.

I think the big difference was that the city dwellers utilized the ornament within a landscaped garden area with plants of varying heights so that the ball blended into the shrubbery (like a hidden treasure) whereas the balls I had seen above the Mason Dixon line were starkly standing alone dead center in a sea of grass.

I hate to admit that I sort of like gazing balls now that they are being displayed in a more complimentary setting. I am not however, going to change my mind about the sheep and fat-bottomed garden ladies.


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