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Unusual Holiday Lawn Displays

Here in the Mid-Atlantic holiday decorations are pretty standard – house lights, strands of lights decorating trees and bushes, nativity scenes, lawn deer. I know there are the over the top yards that have every possible kind of holiday configuration (and a line of traffic driving by to view the menagerie), but I’m talking about purely garden variety yard decorations.

We have some new folks in the neighborhood. From what I hear, they’re military which means that they are probably not originally from the area thus are more likely to have different regional traditions.

Maybe someone from another part of the country can give me a little background on the Christmas Geese:

And the Christmas Bear:

These were an oddity to me and I’m just wondering what states/regions embrace these two types of holiday animals. Any input???……..Anyone???

And then there was the holiday deer-giraffe hybrid in another neighbor’s yard:

I’m not sure if this was a DIY project or a second at the discount outlet. I’m wondering what other strange hybrids I can think of between now and next year. Either that or mixing genres – you know, polar bears eating penguins. Whatever it takes to keep my neighbors wondering what kind of meds I’m on.

Happy & Merry!


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