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Music & “Love Is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time”

I’ve been listening to the above referenced audiobook in my car and I’m really enjoying it. I love Rob Sheffield’s lyrical language and his love of music. It’s interesting to me how he weaves the music and experiences together into a beautiful tapestry.

I got my copy at the public library so if you care to borrow a copy, you should check out the library near you. I also broke down and ordered a used paperback copy on Amazon. I’ve decided to listen to every song that is referenced in the book (unless it was something which is not available on YouTube). Maybe I’ll even put together some virtual mixtape lists of my own.

The classics are so cool. Doesn’t it amaze you that you can hear a particular tune from your history and it takes you right back to a memory? I love sitting around and noodling on YouTube with my daughters in the room. Samantha could care less about the old stuff but Hannah will not only listen, but she has her favorites – The Beatles & Earth, Wind & Fire.

I love trying to make Hannah laugh during our listening sessions. Some surefire gigglers are “Wipe Out” and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. She just shakes her head when I choose “Hot Rod Lincoln” or “Your Mama Don’t Dance” (Loggins & Mesina version). She’ll join right in singing to “Istanbul not Constantinople” and she’s got “Danke Schoen” down cold and imitates all of Wayne Newton’s intonations perfectly.

The last two songs are both from movie soundtracks: “Mona Lisa Smile” & “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (Twist & Shout is also awesome) respectively. There is real gold in soundtracks. I love buying them to enjoy the music and replay the flick in my head. Dr. Evil gave a whole new vibe to “Just the Two of Us” in “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me”. I just wish it were a longer bit so that I justify copying it and adding it to my own twisted playlist.

We are a music loving family and we all have our favorite tunes & artists. I listen right along with the pop/bubble gum in the car (sometimes while gritting my teeth), and we also listen to some of my old mixes. Both girls like “Games Without Frontiers” but I can’t get them to embrace “Shock the Monkey”. Go figure.

I was talking to one of the VPs here at my office about the coolness of the book I was listening to and he said that his daughter likes to listen to a Old Man Rock ‘n’ Roll when they’re driving down the road. It’s a classic vinyl station, but she thought it was called Classic Final – As if it was the final type of that style of music for her dad’s generation.

In a way, maybe she had a point. It seems that a lot of people cherish the music which marked their own coming of age and anything recorded after they hit their peak they consider crap. I don’t believe in the concept of bad music. There’s music I like and music I don’t like. Genius evolves with each generation. It just takes an open mind to comprehend it.

I’m looking forward to listening to Rob Sheffield’s mixtapes. If I have time, I’ll make a list and post it at the end of this entry. Wikipedia had a brief reference to the book, but no list of the referenced songs.

Rock on Peeps!


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