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Gross Grillz – Urban Smilez

Okay, I get that a bright smile is attractive. I get that jewelry is attractive (bling!).

I do not get Grillz, which are basically jewelry for your mouth.

What’s wrong with teeth?  You know ~ bright, straight teeth which are well acquainted with floss and a toothbrush.

If you’re a rock star rapper can’t you afford a dentist that can provide you with whatever corrective dentistry is necessary to make your smile pop?

Yes, they’re edgy, but not necessarily sexy. Yes, the ones made out of gems and gold are expensive, but does anyone really want to kiss that?

Whenever I see a big set of grillz I wonder what nastiness is just below the surface. If a person needs to cover up their teeth with grillz, doesn’t that mean that gross neglect may be the cause for the precious metal coating? Does anyone want to mack on a guy who only has a nodding relationship with his toothbrush???


Even just a standard mounted tooth gem seems sort of weird to me. Teeth are uneven things even when they’re straight. A woman I worked with had a diamond chip embedded in one of her K-9’s. It was not beautiful. It was distracting. Like a piece of spinach.

I’ll stick with brushing, flossing and regular check-ups. If I win the lottery, I’ll take that grillz money and donate it to people who can’t afford a visit to the dentist.

Brush on!                           ~P


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