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The Braces Experience

My older daughter is both excited and nervous about getting braces. Really all she wants is her teeth to be fixed. If I had a magic wand, I know she’s just ask me to give her a zap and have the whole thing over with.

A boy who she talks to on the phone told her that the first week is going to be rough as well as some sensitivity after each adjustment. Another girl friend told her that she’d bleed for a week when she got them off. I assured her that at least this bit of information was false.

These are much more tame than the ones I had.

Long, long ago, when I had braces (made out of cast iron), the first week was indeed brutal, but after that, it wasn’t so bad. I was one of those misbehaved kids who still chewed gum and other stuff that would pull my wires loose. Once I’d gotten the thing loose, I’d just pull it out and let the orthodontist deal with it the next time I went in for a visit.

I did not feel bad about inconveniencing him. One of the first things he did when he installed my braces was to put a barb thing on the top of my mouth to force my tongue down to push out my front teeth. It was a device of torture for sure.

I never forgave him for it either.

My darling mother decided to get creative with my lunch on the first day after I got my braces. She made a homemade roast beef sandwich for me. Nice thick slices of medium well beef of questionable cut. It would have been excellent material to make a leather courier satchel out of, but it most definitely did not make for a tender sandwich for my sore and tortured teeth.

Meat Bag

I wasn’t able to make much headway with the sandwich at lunchtime so I snuck it back to my desk in order to try to finish it during class. One of my classmates ratted me out because my hectic gnawing must have offended his tender sensibilities. I gave up in defeat.

For the rest of the week my mom made softer lunches and I got through my adjustment period without any further mishaps. We both laugh about it now!

I guess I’ll have to start brainstorming about what I can feed Hannah during her adjustment period.

It certainly won’t be roast beef!

If you have these...


...don't eat this!


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