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Braces & Teeth Extraction – Fun Stuff!

We’re gearing up to get both girls fitted up for braces and we saw the orthodontist yesterday to find out if they are at the point where they can have them put on. My older daughter has lost all of her baby teeth so the next step for her is to get some x-rays done and a plan put in place.

My younger daughter is going to have to have her last, stubborn baby tooth pulled because it doesn’t look like it’s going to come out any other way.

Dentists have come a long way in pain reduction since I was a kid so I’m not worried about the procedure. I’m sure she’ll need some TLC afterwards, but the actual extraction should be a piece of cake (I hope!).

My own experience with tooth extraction is unfortunately broad. My teeth were too big for my mouth (so my own dinosaur of an orthodontist said) and I would need to have four permanent teeth taken out. Since the baby teeth were still in residence, those had to be pulled and then the dentist dug around until he could get ahold of the permanent ones, then yanked those too.

Even though his style of dentistry was pretty rough, he was humane enough to only do one side at a time so that I could at least chew once I was back up and around.

Years later, I went back to see the same dentist to get my wisdom teeth out. I had one that was impacted and it was causing me some pain so it was decided that they should all go. (I haven’t missed them).

I’d had laughing gas when I was younger and remember it being a hilarious experience. After whatever I’d had done, my mom had taken me to the grocery store before heading home. I laughed my little butt off the entire time we were there. She asked me what was so funny and the only thing I could think of was “Everything!”

When it was time to put the mask on for the first round of wisdom teeth, I didn’t baulk. In retrospect, I wish I had.

When the dentist hit me with that first needle (back in the dark ages they did not use topical anesthetic), I not only felt the pain of it sink down to the bone, but the overhead light started to echo and strobe along with the pain.

Serious Bad Trip, Man!

Feeling pain is bad enough, but when you can see and hear it as well, it’s horrendous.

I abstained from the “laughing” gas on my trip back to have the teeth on my right pulled and I even held the chisel so that the dentist could free the impacted one, then walked the few blocks home afterwards.

My daughter’s experience will be a lot easier and I’m glad. I guess this generation will have a lot less medical war stories than mine. That’s a good thing!


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