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“You’re Old!!!” ~ Um, Yeah, I Know, So What?

A funny thing happened last Independence Day – I was out in the front yard probably doing something which was pointless and unimportant when a car full of youths (or if you’re from NY, yutes) drove past my house. I would not even have registered their passing except one of the passengers yelled out the window “You’re Old!!!”

(In his head it was probably spelled “Your Old!!!)

I wish I’d had a picture of my face immediately following the utterance because I was truly perplexed as to what offence I had committed. There was little sting in the accusation. I know how old I am and furthermore, I’m okay with it.

The interesting thing for me about my 40s is that I’m pretty comfortable in my skin. There are a lot of things I still need to work on (for example: what I want to be when I grow up) and things I’d still like to accomplish, but I’ve got solid relationships and years of history on which I can continue to build my life.

Yes, my childbearing years are over. I probably look better in a one-piece than a two-piece bathing suit. I’ve got some white hair and wrinkles. So what?

Surely my little critic does not understand that just because a woman is no longer in her childbearing years does not mean she has outlived her usefulness or potential. If anything, being finished with child rearing allows a woman to turn her mind and energy towards other pursuits.

I have a wonderful group of girlfriends who I have known since high school. They are all amazing and the things that they are accomplishing in their lives and their work is astonishing. They are bright and capable and achieving things they never would have considered in their 20’s & 30’s.

I realize that the hollering young man is indeed young and very likely callow based on his behavior. I understand that he may run in a circle of friends whose mothers are clawing for dear life not to crest the proverbial hill. I have met women who fight their age like Regan fighting Gorbachev during the cold war; pulling out bigger and bigger weapons to threaten the impending enemy at any cost. Their desperation is a sad thing to watch and I feel a little bit sorry for them.

We all fade.

Isn’t it better to embrace the life one has now rather than to waste time, resources and even happiness trying to hold onto an ever-receding youth?

I’m not saying I’m going wheelchair shopping anytime soon, but there is so much life to be lived past the age of 39 that it seems really foolish to waste even a minute of it despairing at wrinkles.

I wonder just a little bit about what provoked Junior’s outrage at my advanced age of 47 but it did provide me with a little chuckle (once I got over the initial confusion) and also something to blog about.                                                    ~P


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