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Sheets & Toga Party – A Very Short Story

Back around 1983 or so I attended a toga party with the fellow I was dating at the time. Animal House had come out in 1978 and I guess young people still thought the idea novel enough to copy.

My mother had always bought matching sheet sets for her bedroom and mine. I think I even had a matching coverlet when I was very young. This being the case, there was not a white sheet in our whole house. I think she may have had some robin’s egg blue ones but I chose to select from my own sheet sets rather than tainting my mother’s linens at a party where a lot of drinking was going to be going on.

I decided on an earthy flowered sheet. My boyfriend looked at me askance, but neither of us had the time or extra money to go buy a white sheet. We proceeded on to the party.

Everyone at the party was wearing a white toga except for me. I thought it was pretty funny, but many of the people at the gathering were nonplussed by my avant garde toga. Moreover, they were shocked that I lived in a home that had no white sheets.

Come to think of it, that’s still the case! – matching sheet sets, yes, but none of them white!

A while back I had a conversation with one of my good girlfriends whom I have known for years. She said that she always admired the matching sheets and coverlet I had when we were little. None of her sheets were from a set and it’s something she wished she had.

Isn’t it funny what strikes us as desirable or interesting in the lives and homes of people we know?

So I took much light-hearted abuse for my flowered toga. My feelings were balmed by the excellent Long Island Iced Teas which flowed throughout the event. I’ve never had better, even at restaurants.

The End.


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