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Articles on Yahoo! & AOL – Economic & Financial Issues

While I have not been doing a lick of writing for a very long time (last post was in July), I have been keeping up on my reading, if you can call on-line mass media news “reading.”

Since I happen to be in a snarky, cutting, snide sort of mood, I decided to share a couple of observations as if they were of any value to anyone outside the people who live in my head.

Here goes:

Yesterday on Yahoo! there was a story about people affected by our continued recession plagued economy. It’s no longer on their home page so I can’t include a link. Obviously the story was sad and it’s hard to imagine how hard it is to support a family on relief money and food bank supplements.

What disturbed me though were not the stories, but the inclination of the people who responded to the article to blame, blame, blame. Everyone was looking for a scapegoat – illegals, government, the poor, the rich, the democrats, the republicans, Bush, Obama, your mama.

The fact of the matter is that the problem is now ours. We all bear the brunt of this catastrophic debt and we are forced to limp along in this crippled economy hoping that our leaders are able to come up with a fix that we won’t have to pay a higher price for down the road.

Blame doesn’t change a thing and it’s a damn waste of time.

As I recall, the holocaust began as an economic fix founded on blame. The Hitler based philosophy was thatGermany’s financial woes could all be traced back to the Jews and their alleged hording of resources, greed and closed culture. They were the perfect target for a corrupt man to use to motivate a country to turn on its own citizens in order to try to fix a hurting economy.

A better practice than blame, while we are mired in this mess, would be compassion. During the great depression family and communities banded together to help each other while the economy recovered. Wouldn’t it be a better world if we could look past our own thresholds and do something to help others? Wouldn’t it be of more value to get people out of homeless shelters and have them occupy some of the foreclosed houses that are sitting vacant?

Maybe I’m a little too optimistic in my philosophy, but I swear that if people would help each other, it would go a long way in helping society and maybe healing the greed-fueled economic mess we’re in.

Speaking of greed, I read an article on AOL today about some Whining Congressman who’s pissing and moaning about how Obama’s new tax hike on the rich is going to cramp his style and make it hard for he and is family to survive on the $200K a year that he doesn’t reinvest in his business ventures. You can click the link to read the article.

My ass bleeds for you buddy. Seriously.

It seems like a lot of legislators have come out recently to state that they are in need of raises. Maybe a month ago I heard a story on the morning news about a number of congressmen who wanted raises because their cost of living has increased so much that they just can’t live on what they make now.

This morning there was a story about a D.C. councilman who was demanding a raise in order to bring his salary up to the $175K range. Again, the reasoning is that he just can not make ends meet with his current $125K salary.

Is it just me, or does it seem like an incredibly ballsy move to demand a higher salary when so many people have no jobs at all or have been forced by downsizing to take much lower paying jobs? Are our representatives so secure in their positions that they feel entitled to make these sorts of demands? Are they so clueless about the economic state of our nation that in the midst of spending cuts, they are asking for a raise?

The obvious answer to both questions is yes. Yes, they are secure, entitled, greedy and unrepentant.

I honestly wish I knew the solution to finding representatives (at every level of government) who were interested in the welfare of the common American citizen. There may be a few sprinkled in there somewhere (I know of at least one who is a very good friend of mine), but not enough at this time to turn things around.

So I guess the main messages you should take away from this are: Be kind and help the downtrodden when you can & keep a sharp eye on your elected officials and take them to task if you find they are asking for more money. I promise I’ll do the same.


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