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ADHD – In Today’s Workplace, Is It A Bad Thing???

I’m only half joking with that question.

There was an AOL article on symptoms of Adult ADHD and it got me to thinking that in today’s workplace, ADHD really works to one’s advantage. Most positions require people to complete the tasks that used to be handled by two or three people and the requisite requirement that one be able to multitask seems to make ADHD a benefit rather than a drawback, right?

Every job I’ve held for the ten years or so (temporary & permanent) has required me to be nimble, responsive and to wear many hats. Sometimes I think that I’ve become more prone to ADHD traits simply because I’ve had to adapt to that work style in order to keep my jobs. Taking in mass quantities of caffeine in the form of tea & chocolate has helped me to become the multitasking machine that today’s office demands.

I am relieved to say that while a couple of the symptoms fit me to a tee (I won’t divulge which ones), I have not become a raging alcoholic, drug user or traffic accident perpetrator.

My mom sent me a questionnaire a while back to see if I do indeed have ADHD but I lost interest after the fourth question. I suppose that might be a little clue.

As long as I work for others who demand that I switch hats every five minutes I will not be seeking professional help or medication. If I’ve got ADHD, it’s working for me and that’s all that matters.

Now what was I doing before I started this blog? I guess I’ll figure it out later.


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