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New High School

The older of my two Who’s is off to high school this year. Being the absent minded mother I am, I completely lost track of the open house date, but the nice staff at the school let us drop by the following day and we were able to wander around and get acclimated.

In true field trip fashion, I brought both of my daughters plus one of their friends.

It’s a very nice school and it’s relatively new – 10 years old.

I liked the layout, architecture and the fact that the hallways were well labeled. Not having a functional navigation gene in my DNA makes it really hard for me to get around without signs (or a GPS).

Wow, are those tennis courts there past the “portable” classrooms? Is it just me or is it ironic that a school this new has already had to add onto the building? I made the mistake of calling them “temporaries” during back to school night. I was corrected. They are long term classrooms and therefore, not temporary.

I’m very pleased with the school and I’m sure both of my girls will be well taken care of there.


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