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The Airport – Orlando

We caught our bus with no muss or fuss (although he was 10 minutes late) and got to the airport without incident.

When we checked the monitors to check our flight, our Southwest flight had been delayed 2 hours. Great. We could have had a whole two hours more of play, but instead we got to cool our heels at the airport until 10 p.m.

We made the best of it and found the food court for our section of the terminal ate a leisurely meal and talked about all the fun we had on vacation.

Eventually we wandered down the long mosaic tiled hallway to our gate:

Did I mention it was long? It was.

My smart husband bought a pack of cards and the Who-Girls and I played gin rummy while I drank Starbuck’s lattes and they sipped on their sports drinks. We also did a lot of people watching. I wish I’d gotten a picture of the little guy who was on our flight. He was around four and was wearing a NASA space uniform including the helmet. Soooo cute. We did make a fuss over him so I’m sure he felt extra special wearing his cool uniform.

Our trip back was not quite as effortless as the flight south. The weather inMarylandhad caused the delay, but BWI also had a runway under construction (repaving) so they were short of places for the planes to land. We circled for a while before we were allowed to land. The view of the city lights at night was pretty though so instead of getting annoyed about the delay, I just tried to figure out what we were flying over at any given minute.


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