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Last Day at Disney – Epcot 8/19

This was our last day inOrlando and we decided to see the rest of the park. Fast pass helped out a lot with theSpaceMountainwait.

The Land section of Epcot is especially inspiring to me and I looked forward to the educational ride that dealt with hydroponics and growing plants indoors. It makes me want to be an urban farmer when I grow up.

Here’s the car Irene picked out for herself after we waited forever to get on this ride:

Hydration break at The Land eatery:

…and some candy too, for energy, you know:

While waiting for the boat to take us to one of the parks, I got a shot of the property next to ours:

The Yacht Club

We ate dinner there one night. They’re steaks were great, but it was a really pricey joint.


Here I am with my very tall Who-girl Samantha (looking very up tight and not at all like I’m having a good time, but in reality, I was having a blast).


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