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Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon was fun while it lasted. We got there just before general population was allowed in so we got decent seats before the place filled up.

The girls loved the wave pool and spent a good amount of time there before we went off to do some of the water rides. We did about 3 or 4 different rides before they closed down for lightning….and then the skies opened up.

Sammie before the downpour (looking very grow up):

Since we were at a water park and were already wet, we decided to hang tight and wait it out.

So we waited…and waited…and waited.

And the rain got heavier…and heavier…and heavier.

And the lightning got closer…and closer…and closer until it was striking all around us.

Finally, we decided for our own general safety and well being, it would be best to leave, so we grabbed up all of our stuff and headed for the shuttle area. We were a miserable looking crew, but so were all the other refugees hanging out in the plastic enclosures.

Our bus back to the hotel was filled to the brim with soaked folks. The park had closed not long after we gave up so we were joined by all the other people who had to leave. The overly air-conditioned hotel was an icy assault to our already overwhelmed senses, but warm showers and lovely noms (snacks) from the fifth floor perked us right up.

Although our day at the water park was cut short, we still had a fun time. Somehow enduring the weather made us feel like we’d accomplished something. Maybe I ought to find some shirts for us saying that we survived Typhoon Lagoon!


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