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Dinner in “Japan” at Epcot

With the help of the concierge staff at the Beach Club Resort (BCR) we were able to secure a table at one of the restaurants inJapanat Epcot.  The BCR is within walking distance of the back gate of Epcot so we took advantage of that whenever we got back from the other parks.

Our reservation wasn’t until late, but we were alright because we had loaded up on snacks in the super-secret nom area on the fifth floor of the hotel.

I don’t know what plan hubby signed up for, but he gets a whole lot of extra points for getting us into the nom club.

Basically our park card allowed us access to the fifth floor where snacks were served breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every morning we could wander up and  get coffee, tea, breakfast pastries, fruit, whatever.

It was great!

Around lunchtime it was the same thing except it was savory hors d’oeuvres, juices, beer & wine. Each day there was a different selection and I know this because we managed to hit it every day except for one.

Here’s Irene enjoying her shrimp:

…and hubby who has cleaned his plate,

…and Sammy who has become quite adept with chop-sticks!

We wound up waiting an hour for our table, but since we made our reservation on the tail end of things (and we weren’t starving), we made the best of it. While we waited we did get to enjoy the illuminations light & fireworks show.

The shop below the restaurant has a ton of stuff and we visited it twice on our trip. I managed to pick up a few gifts for some of my coworkers there.

Sayonara for now!


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