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Tigers @ Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Well, it’s our first day inOrlandodoing the fabulous Disney trip.

The flight was fine, but crowded; not an empty seat in the house. The girls seemed to enjoy takeoff well enough and then settled in for the rest of the flight. Luckily I had my iPod touch along so when Samantha got bored she was able to play Angry Birds. I did some reading in between light turbulence and the landing was a piece of cake.

We caught the bus to The Beach Club hotel, got our park passes and a run down of the amenities included in our package and headed back out to catch the shuttle to Animal Kingdom. We figured since that’s one of the smaller parks, it would be easier to see everything on a flight day.

Here are a couple of tiger pics:

Isn’t he handsome?

I had read about tigers liking the water so it was very cool to see this one just chilling in his/her little pond.

Overall it was a nice day. We saw a bunch of different animals and worked on getting our Disney legs. Only one of our party was a little miffed that there were no roller coasters. Once we got back to the hotel and got our room, all was forgiven because there was a medium sized pool 15 steps off of our patio.

My favorite part was touring the animal park and seeing all of the big, beautiful African animals.


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