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Suburban Decay & Renewal

The ongoing recession has taken its toll on many businesses and malls. This particular shopping center was on the downswing even before everything went to crap in 2006. I understand that mismanagement and competition from other malls that have been better run and expanded to suit customer needs.

This is just the latest assault the mall has suffered. Last time I was over there, the food court was down to one fast food place. The majority of business that are left in this building are sports apparel, various kiosks, a Burlington Coat Factory and Macy’s. Whether or not they make a profit is hard to say. Back in the 80’s, this mall rocked. It was where I did the majority of my holiday shopping. Even though I was working retail in a shopping center back then, the selection at this location was much better.

Some days when I’m turning over in my head all the possibilities of what to do with any big lottery winnings that come my way, I like to fantasize about tearing this whole mall down and starting over including adding upper level condos and professional offices. There is a decent public transportation system already in place so the people who lived there wouldn’t even need cars.

It’s just a pipe dream and a way to paint a pretty image over one that has grown very ugly.

Just down the road in a very old open shopping center the old Toys ‘R’ Us store is being almost completely razed in order to put in a big new fancy gym. There are several established health clubs in this area so I will watch with great interest to see if this newest venture in fitness works out.

Considering how tight money is, it’s hard to believe that they would have a whole lot of people flocking to join. Maybe just the cachet of “the new” will be enough to draw in clientele. I am glad to see the renovation in light of the neighboring mall’s deterioration.


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