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Post-Traumatic Disney Disorder

We’re planning a trip to Disney World next month. I should be over the moon in anticipation but instead I’m just focusing on other things like my vacation isn’t going to be upon me soon.

I’ve decided that the reason for this is because of what happened after the last time our family went to Disney.

Back in the summer of ’93 we took our two older kids (the younger ones were not yet born) to Disney. They were 11 & 9 and the perfect ages to fully enjoy the park and get around on their own power. I bought a copy of “The Unofficial Guide to Disney World” and studied that thing for months. In retrospect, I probably studied harder for that week vacation than I ever did for community college.

Our vacation was wonderful and all the stuff that I had memorized from the highlighted & post-ited pages really worked to enhance our enjoyment of the parks. It truly was an enjoyable vacation. Even Princess Di was there with the boys (we didn’t actually get to see them).

When we got home, however, I hit the wall. I’m not sure if it was because I had anticipated the trip for so long that I had nothing big to look forward to or if somehow being back home in the real world was sort of a let down, but I had some difficulty functioning when we got back.

Suddenly deciding on what to make for dinner became impossible for me when it used to be an easy and fun task. I’d stand in front of the refrigerator or freezer and just stare in the hopes that one of the containers would stand up and volunteer itself as the perfect thing to feed my family for dinner. After some time, I was more able to make meal decisions, but it never came as easily to me as it did before our trip.

Now I’m sort of afraid to prepare for this vacation because I don’t want to experience Post-Traumatic Disney Disorder again. I did break down and buy the most recent version of “The Unofficial Guide to Disney World” at Borders yesterday (10% off). I was sort of hoping that one of the girls would take it on, but it looks like it’s up to me again.

Maybe I’ll just stock the freezer with Lean Cuisines before we leave just in case the mouse incapacitates me again this time.


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