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Weird Liquor Flavors

After our trip to the Cambridge Hyatt (where we were served drinks made withChampaignand grapefruit juice) a trip to the giant liquor warehouse was in order.

I am not a big drinker and my happy hour days are far behind me so I am very out of practice in the newer libations arena. Really, really behind apparently.

I am familiar with the different fruit flavored vodka offerings but was totally surprised at Cotton Candy, Whipped Chocolate & Whipped Cream flavors.

The whole concept seemed really strange (and sort of childish) to me, but while I was taking the pictures there was a man there picking up a bottle of the Whipped Cream flavor for his wife. I can’t remember what he said she mixed with it, but she really loved it.

Hmmm, I guess that’s something to think about next time I get together with a group of friends. I’ll have to Google Pinnacle first so find out mixing recommendations.


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