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Not Enough Time for Compassion

Today I ran errands at lunchtime during the hour I’m allotted. Mainly what I did was banking and picked up some lunch while I was in town. It’s a rainy, overcast and downright yucky day here. I was in a hurry to get back to the office but I was being careful about my speed because there were police everywhere I drove giving out speeding tickets (no, I didn’t get one, but I saw several people pulled over).

While I was driving back to work with my savory and delicious smelling barbeque sandwich, I noticed a man walking on the side of the road. He had a big pack on his back and was dressed very roughly so I got the impression that he lives outdoors most of the time. He was walking along the very busy road with a little terrier-type of dog that was getting wetter every second they walked in the rain. I was a good quarter of a mile down the road before it even occurred to me that I had a nice hot lunch sitting on the passenger seat. I knew that I was going to be a couple of minutes late getting back to the office and in order to circle back around would take me another ten. I kept driving knowing that I had to get back to work but all the while feeling terrible that I could have given that man my lunch and he and his dog might have had a little comfort while they were trudging down the road.

I wish now that I had turned around. I think I’d feel a whole lot better sitting here in my warm, dry office with an empty stomach knowing that I had helped someone who needed it. I hope that next time that I am afforded the opportunity to help someone, I won’t hesitate, even if it means I’m a little late getting back to the office.

Doing nothing feels like crap.


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