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April 2nd – Goddess ’64 Garage Clean Out

My girlfriends and I (Goddess ’64) have all complained about the various trouble spots we’ve got in our homes; those places that seem to always have clutter or piles of crap that seem unconquerable. Since several of us have had some experience digging ourselves out, we volunteered to help at each other’s homes to help tame the trouble areas and purge all the excess stuff that doesn’t belong.

Since our friend Cindy was anxious to clear her garage of excess stuff, we devoted part of a Saturday to at least get her started. We carried everything out of the garage and placed it on the driveway or lawn and started to sort as best we could. It’s amazing how overwhelming it is to start a project like this, but the thing is that once you get started, it becomes easier and things begin to make sense, especially when you start organizing everything into piles.

The weather didn’t cooperate as well as we hoped and we did have to dash around in the rain and hail to pull electronic type stuff inside. I wound up leaving at around 2 after we’d set up a rough layout of where things should go and the family took over putting things back, recycling, trashing or yard sale boxing the remainder of  the items that were outside. We got an update that things wrapped up well on Sunday and that we’re invited over for a barbeque in about a month so that we can see how well they finished up the job and that they are indeed maintaining the space.

Hopefully my friend Mary steps up next because I need to do some serious preparation before I subject my friends to my storage room!!!


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