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My WordPress Stats – I Am Not Worthy

I’ve been writing entries on this blog for about a year and a quarter now. During that time I’ve written 150 posts. Not too shabby when I look at it that way, but given that roughly 450 days have passed since I began, I’d be a lot prouder of myself if I’d had 300 posts under my belt by now. I won’t beat myself up here in front of you. It’s pointless, boring and nobody likes a whiner.

What is interesting though is that in spite of my lapses in posting blog entries, I’ve got some relatively healthy stats (in my viewpoint anyway). There is rarely a day when my hits are under 10. Yesterday I had 25 and today I’ve got 27 so far and I haven’t written anything since 3/27.

So if you’re out there blogging and not getting much traffic, don’t despair. Keep writing. Make sure to use tags (I have 381 of those) since those are what search engines point to – for guaranteed hits, make sure to use Disney Princess, nerf gun, sharpie, JLo, Skinny Jeans and Meryl Streep at least once in a blog. Management Style also seems to be trending right now. Aim for 100 posts – that seemed to be the magic number for me.

I’m still writing sporadically, but I’m not giving up and hope to find that fire in my belly again before too long. It’s really cool when the creativity hits and I’m able to harness it.

Good luck with your writing!


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