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Size Confusion – Tags in Clothing Do Not Always Tell the Truth!

This should be common knowledge at this point, but people routinely believe them which can lead to false elation (not the most terrible thing in the world) or missing out on a really good deal because an item is mis-sized.

Old Navy has totally figured out the marketing value of false elation and works it very effectively in their line of cloths. I went to the little girls room the other day and noticed that my Old Navy pants were marked as a size 2. Yeah, right! I was maybe a (current) size 2 when I was 10 or 11, which was a looonnnnnngggggggggg time ago.

The thing is, women like thinking they’re smaller than they are and are more likely to buy something that reinforces their vanity or desire to be more slender.

The flip side of this is clothing which is marked incorrectly or possibly using a European system. One of the ladies brought a lovely red-orange coat into the office and said that it had been a gift that had been given to her that she didn’t use. She’d maybe worn it twice and it was in mint condition. I didn’t bother looking at the tag and knew the approximate size just by eye-balling it. As I had sworn off bringing free stuff into my home, I searched for someone else in the office that might be able to use it. One of the first women I approached said that it was pretty but then looked at the size, turned to me and said “A 14? I’m big, but I’m not that big!” She never even tried it on and let that number rule her decision. I felt bad that I’d inadvertently hurt her feelings but I knew that the garment had been miss-marked or possibly made somewhere in a former Soviet block republic.

Anyway, I found someone else who the coat fitted (a very slender woman). The color suited her and she took it home pleased that she had gotten something so lovely for free.

Numerous teachers and professors I had in school drilled it into our heads not to believe everything you read. That doesn’t just go for newspapers. Take a look at the garment and try it on. If it fits well and is flattering, what difference does it make what the tag says?


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