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Men Plus Bacon Equals Bliss

As long as I’m talking about food, mention bacon to any man and just watch his little eyes light up just like Christmas morning!

I was at a bridal shower at work one time (and guys from our department were actually invited and attended) and among the gifts were scented candles. I can’t remember what flavors they were, but if I were to hazard a guess I’d say vanilla and cinnamon. One of the guys piped up “Why don’t they make candles for men??? You know, maybe a nice bacon scented candle?” No one ventured to guess but I think the answer is that if a man smells something that he wants to eat, he’s going to be very pissed off that it’s a damn candle and not actual savory noms. Also, there might be a few men who are actually willing to eat the candle which could pose all sorts of legal problems for the manufacturer.

I brought some Mr. Hedgehog’s Beef Stew in for lunch this week. It’s delicious and contains that magical ingredient, bacon, which makes it a super savory taste treat. One of our more quiet employees walked through the lobby and his nose immediately went up. “What is that delightful smelling lunch you are eating?” he inquired. Why, its beef stew made with bacon and lots of other good things.” I replied. “Beef stew with bacon?” he said with that Christmas morning joy alighting his face. “That sounds fantastic!”

Emeril Lagasse is known for stating “Pork fat rules!” He is correct in that statement, but also needs to stress that while pork fat does in fact rule, bacon is king.

If you’ve got a man in your life you want to keep happy, just make sure to feed him bacon every once in a while (even if you need to shovel in 20 lipators right afterwards), just to reinforce that you love him.


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