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Doing the Right Thing – An iPod, A Horse Ranch & A Clever Mind

A little back-story first:

I want an iPod; specifically a 64 GB 4th Generation Apple iPod touch. I have a plan in place as to get one, but it’s going to require some time and determination to implement. Basically I’m going to sell enough of my stuff on eBay to finance the purchase. The benefit will be two-fold since I’ll get some of the clutter out of my house and reward myself with a really cool electronic device.

My daughter has a friend who rides horses and my daughter has caught horse-fever in a big way. Lately I’ve been buying horse related books on just to ensure that she’s reading regularly. We’ve gone back and forth about sending her to horse riding classes and she was even saving her allowance in order to pay for a week’s worth of lessons over spring break at the “Fabulous Suburban Horse Ranch”.

Last night on my way home I stopped to buy MegaMillions tickets a t a liquor store on my way home from work and lo and behold, I found an iPod touch (probably 3rd generation and only 8 gigs, but still pretty cool), lying in a parking space right out in front of the store. I picked it up, bought my tickets and drove home thinking that I’d need to make an earnest effort to find the owner of the iPod before making any plans to use it myself.

The only name I could find in the unit was “Amanda”. There were no contacts, no pictures; only music and some YouTube video links. My first inclination was to place a Craig’s List ad with the owner name asking for particulars about the device and the general place it was lost, but the security text was taking forever to reach my mobile phone. I started looking through the videos the owner had watched and started to recognize a theme. At least half the videos were horse related.

“Hmmmmmm.” the Sherlock Holmes voice in my head said. “The ‘Fabulous Suburban Horse Ranch’ is not far from here. I bet whomever lost this iPod must somehow be affiliated with that facility!”

Still waiting for the CL confirmation, I looked up the number of the ranch and dialed it from the land line. “Hello. This is the Fabulous Suburban Horse Ranch, Amanda speaking.”


“Hello Amanda. My name is Paula. Did you happen to lose an electronic device today?”

“Why, yes I did! How did you know?”

“Well, your first name is on the unit and you’ve got a bunch of horse videos that you’ve watched on YouTube, so I put things together and figured the first place to call was “The Fabulous Suburban Horse Ranch.”

“It’s an iPod!”

“I know. Want me to swing by and drop it off to you?”

“That would be great! Thank you so much!”

“My pleasure. I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

In the end, owner & iPod were joyfully reunited. My horse-loving daughter came along for the ride and we watched the classes run their drills for a few minutes before heading back to the house.

It felt good to return the iPod to its owner and it’ll feel even better after I reach my goal of selling off a bunch of my stuff and buying my own. What I’ll remember when I do get it is to make sure and put my contact information in the unit (so if some super hero wannabe finds it, they can get in touch with me easily) and to also keep it tethered to my body, my car or my bag so that I never have to worry about that possibility. I would be heartbroken indeed to lose such a cool toy.


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