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Lack ‘O Manners – It’s Been One of Those Kind of Days

Being an Administrative Assistant isn’t the most difficult job in the world, but we do get our share of challenges and poop does indeed roll downhill.


Today my office had important clients coming in for a meeting. The meeting was scheduled for 10 AM. This schedule would allow for me to come in, do my morning routine and get the meeting room ready with time to spare. Unfortunately our guests got their wires crossed and I had six men standing in my lobby ready for a meeting at 8:25 AM. That’s roughly an hour and a half early for our meeting.

The sales rep whose clients arrived early was not yet on site and though I had gotten the room somewhat ready, I was not ready for them to be here. That being said, I didn’t want them hanging out in my lobby until we could get better situated so I did my best dog and pony show and took them back to the conference room.

I made sure everyone had a potty-stop, their beverage of choice and our product literature and was getting ready to leave when one of our guests mentioned that there might be a Dunkin’ Donuts within the vicinity of our office park. My eyebrows came close to meeting my hairline in my sheer surprise at his overt hint. The ever snarky voice in my head said “You have the nerve to show up this early and now you’re going to suggest that I go fetch you some noms??? WTF???” Out loud I said that their sales rep was on her way in with just such a thing.

On top of everything else, our phone system was acting up so we couldn’t make or receive calls. Awesome! Luckily we all have mobile phones so we were able to get ETAs on all the other players who would be running this show. At least I was not alone in running around here like a chicken with its head cut off.

Everything worked out and the meeting went well. The rep got here and gave me her keys so that I could bring in all the goodies she got for her visitors. I assume they ate well since all the food and our visitors were gone by the time I got back from lunch.


Package deliveries are like Christmas to me, even when they aren’t for me. I think boxes are exciting and the possibility of those parcels containing lovely treasures make them all the more enticing.

Just such a box came yesterday, but was meant for a recipient in another office along our row. I made the extra effort to find the correct office so that the recipient wouldn’t have to wait for his package. He thanked me as I handed it to him at the halfway point between our two front doors and I patted myself on the back for my diligence in doing a good deed.

Today a check arrived for the same company. It’s Friday on a holiday weekend so even if I just put it in our out box, the office wouldn’t receive it until Wednesday at the earliest. I thought it was worth another call and walk to make sure that our neighbor got his check. He sounded less than enthusiastic to hear from me again and I got the most minimal thank you when I handed it over that I was almost sorry I’d called.

As I walked back to the office, I decided that I’d save my good deeds for more appreciative folks and just throw our neighbor’s mail back in the outgoing mailbox instead of troubling them with my tedious phone calls.


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