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“Defending Your Life” – Fear Motivated Decisions

I realize I fell off the Meryl Movie Marathon in a big way and I need to catch up. One of the cable stations is actually playing a lot of Meryl this month so I’ve been able to see a couple I don’t own.

Even though I was not fond of “Defending Your Life”, there were some points of interest that touched a nerve with me. The whole premise was that you had to prove yourself worthy of moving onto the next level of existence and if you showed too much fear in making choices on your last go-round on earth, you had to go back and do a mulligan until you got it right.

One of the big things in my life that I think has held me back is fear. Decisions based on fear are usually not good ones. Decisions based on fear mean that you’re not taking risks, not maturing, not moving forward. Been there, done that. It’s something I’m consciously working on now. Hopefully I can teach my girls good habits when it comes to making choices based on fear.

It’s a silly, silly movie and I could tear it apart, but since there was a little diamond amongst all the rubbish, I chose to focus on that. Rent it on Netflix if you must watch every Meryl movie like I’m doing but make sure you’ve got something good to follow it up with or at least have a bottle of wine nearby.


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