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The $200 Bra

We had an out of town sales rep in our office last week and one day a group of us went out to lunch. There is an expensive lingerie store near the restaurant and I commented that I’d love to go in there one day just to gasp over the price tags. My boss said that she has a girlfriend who shops there and her dog got ahold of her $200 bra and chewed it up.

I’m sure poor Fifi probably got hit with the paper a time or two before the lady got control of her senses, but I started to think – what does a $200 bra do for you? At what point do you get that much utility from one piece of underwear?

Does it function as a life preserving device? (They have those now, you know.)

Does it vibrate in a pleasing manner a few times a day ensuring a happy mood?

Does it have a metal detecting device so that you can find valuable coins and jewelry while you’re out walking around?

I guess if I want the answers to these and other questions, I’ll have to make the time to go to the shop and ask. If the answers are good enough, I’ll post ‘em.


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