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The Pink Professional

I was at a sales meeting the other day and there were parts of the meeting that were way over my head. I listened, but some of it just didn’t compute. Actually, I took a lot of notes about blog ideas I was having when I was supposed to be paying attention. Gee, I hope nobody I work with reads this!

One of the things that struck me is that one of our sales reps dresses in very colorful and vibrant clothing. I’ve known this for a while, but the fact that she can pull off some of her outfits is amazing to me. The industry we work in is not glamorous; quite the contrary actually. How she manages to be taken seriously in radioactive orange and electric fuchsia is something I’d like to know. But she is taken seriously.  And she does it with matching plastic accessories and a Mary Engelbreit calendar.

The funny thing was that after the meeting, I heard a couple of the male members of the staff say that they wish that they had the guts to take fashion risks or make style statements like she did. I was happily surprised at their admiration. I wonder what they’d come up with if they had the chance to snaz up their wardrobes? The world may never know.

I don’t picture myself every following in the “Pink Professional’s” footsteps, but I do admire her sense of style and that she does indeed pull off that look every single day.


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