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Christmas Tree Down

We took the Christmas tree down today. We’ve got an artificial one. I’m okay with that. I like having everything we need right in our storage room rather than schlepping out to a tree stand or farm to buy a murdered one.

I may have mentioned that I’m a bit of a Scrooge and would rather skip the tree altogether, but the family likes it so I go along with it. I used to really enjoy the tree, but I think some of the traditions I came up with regarding the proper way to decorate it may have burned me out a little. There was a whole sequence we had to follow so that it looked right:

Assemble tree,     String lights,     Drape white iridescent beads in decorative swoops around the tree,     hang crocheted snowflakes, angels & balls evenly over the tree surface,     hang shiny glass balls from interior branches to obscure tree pole,     apply all remaining ornaments making sure to keep Bert & Ernie together.

You can see how this would become cumbersome year after year especially since some of those years found me decorating the tree alone after everyone had found more diverting things to do elsewhere in the house.

This year everyone promised to stay and help and I abandoned the sacred tree decorating ritual. The tree was just as lovely without all the rules and I was happy for the company.

I think the coolest thing about our tree is the variety of ornaments. We have glass balls (plain and decorated) from my husband’s first marriage. We have wooden soldiers, rocking horses and trains we bought together. There are metal ornaments that both the older kids got from their mom every year with names & dates on the back. I bought a bag of random ornaments at the thrift store one year and they are just as lovely to me as the ones we bought at the mall. It’s actually kind of cool that we have someone else’s history intermingled with ours. I have one sweet crafted ornament I bought from a Girl Scout troop who were selling them to finance their trip to Savannah. I hope they made their goal and some day I’d like to see Savannah too. I’m glad in a small way I helped them get there.

The tree is packed away for another year. All the needles have been vacuumed up and our living room is back to its old self. I think next year I could actually get excited at the prospect of putting it back up.


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